Kardashian Jean Kollection

  • Kardashian Jean Kollection
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  • Tony Johnson
    Tony Johnson

    "Hi Kloe how you doin' what's up hows Lamar."

  • Gia A Hopkins
    Gia A Hopkins

    I love Khloe who would not she makes the Kardashians she is a great role model Kim I am trying to still admire I am trying but it is not easy Khloe is REAL!! Kourt too

  • Jessica

    i think out of all the girls khloe is the most "in shape" healthy doesnt mean skinny . it means happy with your inside and out . people say that khloe is "big" , no khloe is what girls should look up too . kim is teaching girls to get married for tv and publicity & khloe is saying be happy with yourself . and kourtney ; she is just the funniest with her coupons . GIRL RICH PEOPLE DONT NEED THEM. you aint one of us (:

  • Shea Turner
    Shea Turner

    Shea Turner????

  • Eva Gibson
    Eva Gibson

    How about you stupid bitches shut the fuck up!! about khloe

  • Kassy

    Actually her legs are that skinny. Kim k legs are actually fatter than hers! She has long skinny legs.

  • cyrus!

    this is a damn photoshop!

  • Tommy De Jesus
    Tommy De Jesus


  • stella babiche
    stella babiche

    hummmmmmmmmmmmmmm chloe I DONT KNOW NO?COMMENT ABOUT U ARE THE BEST.........

  • Faith Deyo
    Faith Deyo

    they even photo chopped Khloe look at her nose... and her legs are not that thin... what happened to taking pics and posting them like they are? Just like EVERY dang mascara commercial, all them women are wearing false eyelashes.. I think that should be considered false advertising.. they lie to get their products sold.

  • FashionDiva

    Luv u Khloe! You look the best of the sisters in these pics