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  • Ileana Cas┼Žillo
    Ileana Cas┼Žillo

    I love everything in this collection but this purple set fits me to the T! My room right now has purple decor and I think this set would just give my room the chic Kardashian look. I have a hard time sleeping at night and I think I can honestly get lost into these sheets and sleep for hours! I can already feel my body being surrounded by these sheets and just drown away in comfortness. I think after coming home from a long day of classes, I am a college student, I can relax and get away from the stressful college life. This set is so chic, luxurious, and sophisticated!

  • Kayleigh Sarah Louise Jewell
    Kayleigh Sarah Louise Jewell

    OMG i love this colour, this would go in my guest bedroom so my guest can feel the fabulous hehe:)

  • Annette Cann
    Annette Cann

    I love everything about Home-Line-Bedding-Bath-Sears-041712-34 it is absolutely fab!!! This would give my bedroom the make over it so desperately needs after my husband leaving me and taking everything. It would be great to have a beautiful bedroom collection to brighten up my room and to make me feel sexy again!!!

  • Kaitlin Kolva
    Kaitlin Kolva

    I love everything about this bedroom collection. It elegant and suffocated with a touch of zebra, which I am obsessed with right now! All the pillows look so comfortable being layered the way they are.

  • Tina M. Carter
    Tina M. Carter

    Home-Line-Bedding-Bath-Sears-041712-34 - This by far is my absolute favorite! This would give my bedroom exactly what is needs, style and pizazz! But it also has a look of pure comfort and that is what I need when I'm cuddling with my beautiful 4 year old son Christopher!

  • Olivia

    I have shared a bedroom with my sister for the past 19 years!! Now my brother is moving out i am finally getting my own room....I love this bedroom collection and is excatly the colour scheme i am going for...Its pure bliss and its perfect timing for me to have my own room and to inject a luxury grown up feel to it, plus its big enough for lots of luxury items :)

  • Jennifer Butler
    Jennifer Butler

    I absolutely love the collection and colour schemes, especially the lilac and silver as these would go well with my bedroom and help to give it the revamp it needs! the colours remind me of khole's wedding and if im lucky enough to win i would use it to get the bedroom collection to create my own little bit of luxury in my room as being a single mum, my bedroom is my haven, i love the Kardashians and hope to achieve the glamour they envoke on a daily basis!