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  • tiphanna

    This bed just looks so comfortable to lay in after a long day lol. The set is cute and not too over the top. In all honesty,I really hope I win. My birthday is next Monday and would really like to get this $500 gift card to re-do my bedroom! But whoever wins is very lucky!

  • Jessica Roney
    Jessica Roney

    This is my dream bed set!!! So glamorous. SO me. I wanted to buy it as soon as I saw it but I was waiting to save up some more money. I am so sick of looking at my old bed! My bedroom is painted a very light gray color already so it will go perfectly! The chandelier idea is great also for above the bed.

  • Lynea Delarosa
    Lynea Delarosa

    OMGoodness!! Are you ladies kidding me!? Get out of my head- seriously! Lol! I am in the process of revamping everything with one thing being my bedroom. I have bought a lot of things Parisian and zebra (my two faves) to put together in my room once I paint it (in the next couple weeks). Like your picture I attached, I was also planning on hanging a chandelier above my bed, putting a small desk in a corner, and adding touches of gold. I appreciate how you put my two fave prints- demask and zebra- in a bed set! Ah-mazing!! I would be even more grateful to win the gift card so I can get this bed please! Love it, love you dolls, and love the way you think ;) Lynea

  • Janet De La Rosa
    Janet De La Rosa

    This is one of my faves, and I would love love love to have it. Because I've wanted this one , since the collection came out . I want to give our bedroom that elegant and romantic look I think even those details matter in a marriage . ;)

  • Angela Carey
    Angela Carey

    and i would use this all set for m bedroom and the purple one for my other family. use the little cute hand soap bottle, the slive royal look towel and pretty hook for my bathsroom

  • Kimberley

    This is a girl's dream bedroom bedding set...I have a lot of Marilyn Monroe and other Old Hollywood Glamour starlets on my room with Mariilyn Monroe quotes...this would just set the room off!!!

  • Jennifer Patsanas
    Jennifer Patsanas

    Love the whole range especially the New York Dreamer collection. I am in Australia and would love to buy the comforter set but apparently shipping of this item isn't available outside US. It is exactly what I have been looking for to redecorate my bedroom - it is stylish, glamorous and luxurious - even my husband loves it! I would love to win a gift card as I would have no trouble spending it as all the items are beautiful!

  • Deanna

    Im so in love with this bedroom set. It is so sexy & sophiscated and perfect for revaming mine & my husbands bedroom. Our 3 yr old is finally in her own room, and my husband is finally back our bed. It would be great to use this bedroom set to help us get our sexy back and make our bedroom our own again!

  • Myra Leija
    Myra Leija

    Just love how this could be the Perfect unisex bed set for those of us who have a VERY "special" significant other :) who's always complaining about the room looking too girly. LOL. Love how glamorous and stylish this really looks. This set also makes a dark room with walls of different (dark gray) shades feel suuuupper cozy. Love it!!

  • Paola Rodríguez
    Paola Rodríguez

    I love the silver bathroom and bedroom set, so classic but at the same time modern, especially if you add some colorful little details. i wish i could have a sears here in Venezuela so i can buy it.

  • Samantha Williams
    Samantha Williams

    There are so many items that I absolutely love it is hard to pick just one thing! If I was to win the gift card I would have to chose a bed set seeings how all of mine are hand me down bits and pieces from my mother. Don't get me wrong I appreciate them but they are nothing like this new collection. I am a full time Psych student at the University of Arkansas and being a student and newly married its hard to find things that I love that he loves and be able to afford it! I would be honored to rock this collection in my home!

  • Ana Gucci
    Ana Gucci

    i love it i would love to have this in my room it match my decorations. since i haven't go out since my baby was born it will be nice to win the gift card

  • Danay

    I totally love this set. Would LOVE to get a set to redo my room, since I a full time student I have no time to go out shopping not even for myself.

  • Kristina Mehling
    Kristina Mehling

    If I were to win a giftcard, I would use it to buy this set. I'm 21 years old, and I have NEVER had a full matching bedset. It's always been bits and pieces of things that I liked, including a quilt my grandma made me when I was younger. It would be nice to have something elegant and comfy to sleep with everynight! It would made me feel beautiful.

  • KCosPer

    I am obsessed with this bedroom set. I came THIIIIIS close to buying a month or so ago but maybe I'll win this!! Either way, I'm buying it because it's to DIE for!!!!!

  • Vanessa

    Not only is this my dream bedroom, but this bed is fit for a princess! HAVE to have this for my new apartment I'm moving into this weekend. So perfect!

  • spiniton85

    I guess I'm just a damask fanatic, because I love the comforter on this one.

  • Nicole McManus
    Nicole McManus

    So hard to pick just one style...BUT I love the rhinestone embellishments...and I love the purple zebra print and silver print for the bedroom sets..Looks like I am re-doing by bathroom and which one first!!