Kardashian Kollection HOME Collection

  • Kardashian Kollection HOME Collection
Kim, Khloe and Kourtney introduce their new Kardashian Kollection home line.
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  • Rose Priscilla Smith
    Rose Priscilla Smith

    Hi, i try entry the competition but it wouldnt let me leave a comment about why my mother deserve to win. Well here it goes, when i was a little baby my parents werent togetheir so my grandparents (dad's parents) took me in and rised me until i was 5 years of age. But from then on my cousin (Loucille Nepe) took me in because she saw me as one of her own daughters. she has 5 other girls and she will put other peoples needs and wants before hers. she will go out of this world just to make sure her family is safe and happy.I Love her as a mother, she did everything for me even though i wasnt her real daughter. im now 18 years of age and im still alive and healthy all because of one person that i care so much about and ill do anything for her. she deserve this then anyone in this world, even though she had style back when she was in high school now she doesnt have much clothes because shes too busy buying her kids stuff and paying the bill and she never has time for herself. well i hope you pick me and it make my day if she won. thanks you for your time. <3