Kardashian Magazine Covers Through the Years

  • Kardashian Magazine Covers Through the Years
Kendall and Kylie Jenner grace the cover of Australian magazine 'Girlfriend.'
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  • Riadh

    where are you from Melyia

  • sheila arianpour
    sheila arianpour

    you do!! they are so pretty!! your entire family is!! :)

  • SAM

    Uh, the cover says "Keeping Up with the JENNERS"

  • Viktoria Molnar
    Viktoria Molnar

    And Kylie's eyes are just like Kim's. They are both lovely. I hope they will keep their feet on the ground too just as their older siblings. I think Kourt is the wisest and I wish her a pleasant birth. X Qv

  • WhatUp?

    OMG bloody hell Kendall Jenner looks like Lucy Hale's twin in that picture. Wierd o_O

  • Andrea Mallia
    Andrea Mallia

    she looks like lucy hale

  • Leizelle Bancale
    Leizelle Bancale

    I thought Kylie looked like Lucy Hale. So pretty <3.

  • Ana Kaxidze
    Ana Kaxidze

    Funny how they call them ''Kardashians'' couse they are not. Their mothers are the same but surname is not connected to Kendall and Kylie. JUST SAYIN. They look very sweet though :))

  • Melyia

    Or miranda kerr

  • Melyia

    On this pictures, for me, Kendall looks like Jennifer garner :) ( Sorry for my english but i'm french x) )