Kate Middleton BIkinis in Spain

  • Kate Middleton BIkinis in Spain
Kate Middleton bikinis with Prince William and friends in Ibiza, Spain in a previously unreleased set of photos from 2006.
Source: Pacific Coast News Online
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  • Nicci

    Wonder what you people wear when you go to THE beach, everybody wears à bikini to THE beach...princess or no princess. Let her be. Shes doing Nothing wrong.

  • Jules

    Looks more like Pippa than Kate :/

  • Wow

    Wouldn't bow to her, but i'd certainly bang her.

  • Stoph

    I would never bow or curtesy to her. She may be a hot princess but, she is not a royal

  • sixnhand

    As a patriotic American, and better yet a Texan, these photo's make me wonder if the revolution was the right decision. At least for a minute or two!

  • Althea

    BAM! Am totally straight and would still like to pinch her perfect bum.

  • William

    Extremely poundable.