Kate Middleton vs. Princess Diana: Royal Style Showdown!

  • Kate Middleton vs. Princess Diana: Royal Style Showdown!
Teeny bikini or neon beach babe? Click the princess pics and decide which style-savvy royal you prefer!
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  • beatles64

    no, that's definitely Kate. They did wear the same bikini in those shots, but that's not Pippa.

  • JohnSmith

    Thats pippa kate's sister....

  • kamipj786

    A princess on the right . and a slut on left!

  • Beatles64

    Wow, Carling5, overreact much? I think you are actually the one making the internet a nasty, bully-safe environment, calling peope "dipsh!t" and not respecting their opinions (hypocritically, might I add). Yeesh. Chill out.

  • carling5

    Why don't SFTU and respect the opinions of others? You clearly see what you want to see. DIANA WINS HANDS DOWN! AND NOTHING DIPSH!T WRITES WILL CHANGE MY MIND. It's people like you who make the internet a cesspool!

  • sin

    You are blind. I saw the entire series of Kate and then pulled up Diana before the kids. Kate by a landslide.

  • carling5

    Kate is pretty, very fit, and looks great in that white bikini! However, she has a boyish figure and she's almost completely flat-chested. Diana was beautiful, charming, and had a nice "rack" even when she was super-thin. Diana also looked great in a bikini. I like Kate, but she lacks the freshness and star quality that Diana always had. As for the pictures themselves, Kate was a 25 year old at that time and Diana was a 35 year old woman who had had two children. Not exactly an apple to apples comparison. Nevertheless, DIANA WINS HANDS DOWN!