Kate Middleton vs. Princess Diana: Royal Style Showdown!

  • Kate Middleton vs. Princess Diana: Royal Style Showdown!
Black or burgundy? Click the princess pics and decide which style-savvy royal you prefer!
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  • Kat

    Funny how someone wearing fashions from 2011 looks more "with the times" than someone wearing fashions from 1985!

  • Beatles64

    for the record, that is velvet, not velour. velour is tacky, like a JLo tracksuit. Velvet can be lovely depending on how it's worn (perfect example of the War Heroes event that Kate wore a gorgeous velvet gown). For the era, Diana looks all right, but obviously Kate is more modern and "with the times".

  • she_devil

    Probably what you refuse to see. She was a kind woman, dedicated to causes, with a grace rarely seen in a royal. I think this is what the world has seen in her, ignoring the obvious shallow component of fashion, component which you so keenly follow and take as the main criteria when it comes to this "face off".

  • sin

    Velour. Tacky then and tacky now. What did the world see in Diana?