Kate Middleton Celebrates First Official Portrait

  • Kate Middleton Celebrates First Official Portrait
The first ever portrait of Kate Middleton by artist Paul Emsley.
Kate Middleton Celebrates First Official Portrait
Source: AP Images
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  • Kates'Back

    Sorry but that portrait is not at all who Kate is. I would ask for a redo and find that glow that she has in all of the photos. Something wrong here.

  • Robert Fahey
    Robert Fahey

    No way does this portray her stunning beauty, or joyfullness

  • dexy

    She's more prettier than the portrait; nice work of art though :)

  • CrystalMarc

    To Kate, You are a beautiful women and I'm so happy w/ you and your Williams new surprise you are going to have a Baby! WOW! But this photo isn't what I expected, I only hope this is not going to be on the halls of Buckingham Castle it doesn't do any justice for you; your are much prettier than the portrait shows. I wish you, Will the most Happiness and of course Lupo and the baby, when you are together you can see how much Love the both of you have for each other. God Bless All Of You ! We All Love You!!!

  • JPearson

    I am disappointed in the portrait. It does not bring out Kate's liveliness and real beauty. I would say it "dulls" who she really is.