Kate Upton Models Beach Bunny Bikinis

  • Kate Upton Models Beach Bunny Bikinis
Sexy 'Sports Illustrated' cover girl Kate Upton models new bikinis from her swimwear line, Beach Bunny.
Source: beachbunnyswimwear.com
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  • jbd59

    Kristen Miller. you are so full of shit. that bod is that of a goddess.

  • doughnuts

    lol such a backhanded comment. her body is PERFECT! her waist is nice, she has lovelt shape, her hips and legs are hot. talk your hate somewhere else mate cause no one wants to here you slam such a gorgeous girl with such a gorgeous bod and such a wonderful career ahead of her.

  • Kristen Miller
    Kristen Miller

    Really?!?! I never understand why people say so much stuff about her body, don't get me wrong, she's absolutely gorgeous but her body is nothing special. Her waist is wide & has absolutely NO shape or curves to it what-so-ever, it's actually even wider than her hips & legs, which just looks weird & unappealing and on top of that it's not even at least a toned stomach, she has very broad shoulders and a very short neck (having a gorgeous long neck is usually one of the top things people look for in a model). She's shaped like a box or spongebob squarepants or something, and she has no butt either, which is why she has to stick it out so far in every picture, so she can give the illusion of having a little something there. She has a gorgeous face & nice boobs but that's all. Unless the shape of a boy is what tickles your pickle because from the boobs down, she has absolutely no shape. And on top of alllllll that, keep in mind that this is all AFTER photoshop and re-touching! Now put Jesscia Biel or Cindy Crawford up there and THEY have "perfect" bodies and actually have shape and curves to their bods besides just curvaceous gorgeous breasts!

  • magic

    She is so bloody beautiful! and that body is seriously perfect.