Kate Upton's Sexiest Bikini Looks

  • Kate Upton's Sexiest Bikini Looks
Kate Upton poses in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.
Source: Sports Illustrated
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  • catwomen

    I would like to see what's under all that clothing

  • catwomen

    Batman I would love to marry Kate upton

  • abby

    That's hardly a bikini top, it just covers her nipples!

  • jbd59

    wish i were with her. she's perfect.

  • payurtab

    Ohhhh, I know.....mmmmmmmm, yes.

  • Kelly Beck
    Kelly Beck

    That's because they're large and real, which is pretty much an oxymoron in the modeling/Hollywood industry. Nobody knows what big breasts that aren't fake look like anymore.

  • Guest

    that girl's tits are way too saggy for someone that age. this picture is nice though.

  • Joaquin Palmiano
    Joaquin Palmiano

    i'like ur style simple but nice and ur body it so great especialy ur boob's :"between medium size and large's yeah...i luv it!!! ;;;;;;

  • theskinnyoncelebrities

    She looks so young in that first pic! See my page for many bikini pics of Kate and other celebs!

  • Rana Sinha
    Rana Sinha

    well proportionate