Katie Holmes treats her daughter Suri

  • Katie Holmes treats her daughter Suri
Katie Holmes treats her daughter Suri to chocolate at Teuscher Chocolates in Beverly Hills on November 24, 2010.
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  • guest

    The child looks like she's trying to hide from the cameras, hiding in a blanket, hiding in her mothers arms. If strangers were always taking pictures of my 5 year old, she'd want to be picked up too.

  • Angelina

    I don't think that that any one here is jealous, she is too big to be carried around in her mother's arm. I think this kid acts like a baby still because that's the way they are treating her.She looks like she was pulled out of bed the way she is dressed.

  • lala

    are u guys jealous over them?ha!just bcuz u guys cant acted like suri tats why ur commenting negativity things bout her

  • daisee

    why is this kid out in what looks like pajamas with her thumb in her mouth and wrapped up in a baby blanket. Do they never allow her to walk. Every pic I see of her, she is being carried and acting like she is a baby or when she is allowed to walk, she is dressed in heels and looking like a teenager. I think Katie has caught Tom's insanity.

  • willywonka

    why does she still carry her around? isn't she a little old for that?? the blanket....keep it at home...parenting 101

  • happy at home
    happy at home

    Let's see, mom in cords and a bulky, warm sweater. The kid in a sleeveless cotton dress, so cold someone has to wrap a blanket around her - so much for good parenting. Fail, Katie, fail.