Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise in Vancouver

  • Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise in Vancouver
Katie Holmes takes her daughter Suri to Vera's Burgers in Vancouver on March 6, 2011. Suri was seen sucking on a pacifier and holding onto a stuffed animal.
Source: Pacific Coast News Online
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  • Emerald Robertson
    Emerald Robertson

    I hate to be a ball breaker here but here goes... It is NOT okay for a woman to have post-partum blues (according to Tom it's all in your head) But it IS okay to be so insecure at 4 as to still need a pacifier? This has got to be one of the richest, most spoiled (not necessarily in a bad way either) child on the planet, and she is so insecure that she still sucks on a pacifier at 4. Please tell us Tom...What does Scientology have to say about that humm? Or have you paid to be so high up the ladder that no one says anything you do is detrimental or negative? Funny how becoming a parent has a way of humbling one isn't it?Now you know why most of the women on the planet were angry with you over your statement concerning Brookes very real problem. And by the way, I am a fan of both of you and own most of your movies. But someone had to let you know you have a possible problem on your hands there and that maybe now you can be more sympathetic with other parents. One thing I can tell you is, every day is going to be an adventure and not necessarily a good one. But there is good news...by the time shes grown and left home you'll have a ton of memories to enjoy. And Daddy if you think you know women, well good luck because whether you realize it or not, You have now met your femme fatal and her name is Suri ;) Have fun in about 10 years lol. God Bless you all! And hurry up with that next movie I want to buy :D