Katy Perry Bikinis in Hawaii on Christmas Without Russell Brand

  • Katy Perry Bikinis in Hawaii on Christmas Without Russell Brand
Katy Perry shows off her curves in a bikini while on holiday in Hawaii Christmas Day, 2011.
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  • KoldShadow

    That very well may be, but a well endowed, virile male (e.g., KoldShadow) would have no problem impaling her jugs by simply holding them together (or Katy could do it while I flex my arms in sexual prowess lol).

  • KoldShadow

    Epic rack . . . she doesn't look nearly as hot here as she did in those water park pics from a while ago, but still, not many women compare to her in the music industry. Rihanna would be hotter if it wasn't for her alien forehead, lol . . . I'd love to see them kiss each other and like it doe! X-P

  • KoldShadow

    I'd love to come down to her tits . . . where do I sign up?

  • KoldShadow

    I would rip my raging, turgid prick str8 thru those magnificent hooters while her gorgeous face looks at me bashfully. Never before have I been so obsessed with a female vocalist . . . DAYUM, what a FAUKS! ^_^

  • dave1001

    That's true Barbie. You can tell Katy's are big and natural. Wonder what bra size she is.

  • Barbie Doll
    Barbie Doll

    We ladies with large natural breasts need a strong bra as we age. They stay perky till mid forties then need help from a good bra...

  • Sureeee....

    Yeah, I'm sure you get 'em all.

  • jd

    they wud prolly flop over to tha sides like granny boobies when she lay down cuz they aint perky at all... .u can tell that swimn suit is workin harrddd to hold em up from tha groun

  • david

    her body is really average. big tits but they are saggy. plenty of thinner, hotter chicks with better tits that are just as big.

  • justaguy

    That sounds hot...I'd love to jizz all over those things!!

  • Stephanie

    I mean i know that Katy wasn't flat but i have never set on her boobs! are huge!

  • simplydiffer

    Calm your dick please. The keyboard is getting too sticky for you to type.

  • Rick

    I think we can all agree that she is one fantastic package!

  • Gearry

    And that surprises you why??

  • dave1001

    They sure are. Imagine sucking on those things. Or putting your dick between them. Yum!

  • justaguy

    Her boobs are huge!

  • PzykoSkillz

    When it comes down to it, it's all boobs.

  • Bonzo Bistro
    Bonzo Bistro

    When it comes right down to it, she's fairly average looking. And average as a singer as well. It's all marketing.