Kendall and Kylie Jenner Bikini on the Beach in Hawaii

  • Kendall and Kylie Jenner Bikini on the Beach in Hawaii
A bikini clad Kendall and Kylie Jenner on the beach in Hawaii on May 30, 2012.
Kendall and Kylie Jenner Bikini on the Beach in Hawaii
Source: Splash News - Photos
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  • Edson Francisco Bonfim
  • chloe

    wtf is wrong with u.. hope u never have children, u sick person

  • Christopher Howell
    Christopher Howell


  • Coolboy

    They have done it to themselves.

  • jejeeee

    omg,shut da fuck uup !!!

  • angel

    You re a really sick person get some help loser

  • dave1001

    He's probably been jerking off with their panties for years, no doubt.

  • kardashiansonmydick

    he would have been pulling his dick in private for years over those 2

  • Jessica Miller
    Jessica Miller

    He is just a loser that gets off on young girls sad. I am 24 and would never think about younger guys like that. Nasty.

  • Edson Francisco Bonfim
    Edson Francisco Bonfim


  • God

    I want to wipe my shitty dick on one's face after assfucking the other.

  • monty

    16 is legal in dozens of countries. That makes it normal, not sick. Too bad your backward fuckshit country can't even pick one age to say if it's legal or not.

  • lab

    well it would be legal for you since you sound like you are about 12

  • gggg

    lol, being 16 basically makes you a child still, you are not legal to drink or smoke, they have the option to sleep with people doesnt mean they will yet. yuck, well than your a pedo lol. you should be ashamed in yourself man.

  • dave1001

    I'd actually like to see them have less privacy...I'd watch Kendall and Kylie peeing and pooping if I

  • stilljustaguy

    A 16 year old is not a child, she is old enough to legally sleep with in a majority of states. Now, the 14 year old is not old enough to legally bang, but I would do her anyway!

  • gggg

    lol are you screwed 'lulz'. we just want these sick perverted people to talk their pedo talk somewhere else because not everyone wants to hear their disgusting thoughts. these girls are only 14 and 16, do you understand how sick what this guy was saying about them? and lol beb, would you really want dirty old men saying this kinda shit about you? hahahaha thats right beb, back up. dadadun.

  • lulz

    ha ha, the 3 jealous fatties above me just wish people would drool over them instead. good luck, you fat fucks.

  • hurrr

    I would like to be the one to provide that, thank you.

  • bob barker
    bob barker

    A classic Kardashian pose - bent over and ready to take a fat one up the shitter.

  • mrssmith

    Sad that these folks can't have any privacy afforded them. Some may think it's cool, I think it's sad.

  • zazzz

    OMG AT FIRST I DIDN'T SEE KENDALL AND I THOUGHT THE GUY WHO WROTE THIS COMMENT WAS TALKING ABOUT BRUCE'S ASS! HAHAHAHA oh & btw, whoever wrote this is fkn deranged, get your fkn brain checked cause something is wrong with you, you pervert.

  • kendall

    you sick pedofile, get a life

  • dave1001
    dave1001 just know Bruce is probably popping a huge boner being around his hot piece of ass jailbait daughters.

  • Michelle Cisneros
    Michelle Cisneros


  • Lily

    AND perverted. Just another pathetic, fucking pedophile that should be in prison getting it up the ass by 25 inmates a day.

  • jen

    Dude, you seriously need to go out get laid so you can stop drooling over underaged girls on the internet that wouldn't in a million years even want to be in the same room with you. I know you think you're funny and it's all fine, but you obviously don't grasp how truly pathetic you sound.

  • stilljustaguy

    Wow...she has an amazing ass