Kendall and Kylie Jenner: Through the Years

  • Kendall and Kylie Jenner: Through the Years
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  • Maddie

    You're a fucking retard. She's naturally skinny and always has been! She's also like 6 feet tall- of course she looks thin! To assume someone has a psychological disorder just because they are thin is very thoughtless and put plainly- stupid! Just because you're a fat ass doesn't mean everyone is unless they starve themselves.

  • justaguy

    I need to get that fat ass kim out of the pool so I can play with her hot lil step sister!

  • justaguy

    I love you Kayli....suck me please.

  • Kayli

    It's not anorexia she's suffering. She eats. She doesn't make herself throw up. She doesn't starve herself. She's a 15 year old model growing up in a celebrity life style. I didn't even notice she was too skinny. Also, she may be sucking in. Just a guy: She's fifteen years old, you sick twisted pervert. I'll give you something to eat, too. My shoe. So, you're probably sitting in a dark room on the computer all day looking at teenage girls. So, really!? I think you and Mary should both apologize for there ignorance. Because, to be honest, if you watch the damn show, you'd see her eat. Don't jump to assumptions and diagnose a stranger with a disease. Also, you don't EAT when you're giving a blow job. You suck. Silly little immature virgin.

  • rageddyanne

    That's right! She IS only 15!!! What the hell! I was super skinny at 15 too! Now if she were fat then I would worry cause it's all down hill from there.

  • tinalovebug

    You do realize she is only 15 right?? She would be skinny.. && justaguy you are a perv, you are prob a old man. GROSS.

  • Mary Thompson
    Mary Thompson

    That girl is way to skinny! She needs to get help now or bad things will end up happening in the future like it does to so many other young models, some of whom were not lucky enough to realize the issue, and sadly passed away.

  • Mariana Ramos
    Mariana Ramos

    you guys look so gorgeous!!!!!!!! xxxxxx

  • claudialimon

    this lifeguard is so cute pink pink pink !!