Kendall and Kylie Jenner: Through the Years

  • Kendall and Kylie Jenner: Through the Years
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  • Erika Caballero
    Erika Caballero

    Can someone descrive the facial face and body structures of kendall jenner. What are her facial features that makes her so beautiful?

  • KendalAndKylieLovers

    Kylie is gorgeous just because she doesn't look like anyone from the family, does not mean she is ugly. Jealous much?

  • Jessica Jay
    Jessica Jay

    Kylie & Kendall are beautiful I luv them!!

  • STFU

    Kylie is ugly in this picture but you guys should really see her natural. The only reason she looks ugly & weird in the photo is because she is wearing make-up. (If you can tell), Before you call that 14 year old UGLY. You should actually get to know her & stop calling her UGLY. You conceited fucktards.

  • Daphne Knapp DeLuca
    Daphne Knapp DeLuca

    Poor Kylie totally missed out in the looks department.

  • Taylor

    Kendall doesn't looking like a "Kardashian" Kendall looks just like Kris (her mom) Kim looks alot like Kris too thats why Kim and Kendall look so alike and Kylie isn't ugly in this pic she looks wierd she has tuns of makeup on but shes pretty

  • buby

    she so loOks like kim ! all cute <3

  • Farah Akhtar
    Farah Akhtar

    They are all gorgeous and kendall does look like the younger kim :)

  • Anna

    Kendall is pretty but Kylie is beautiful. No wonder she's doesn't have the Kardashain features she's a Jenner. Her Mom was a Kardashian but know she's a Jenner too. Anyone who watches the show knows that Kendall doesn't have very good skin and needs a lot of make up to cover it up. Kendall doesn't have Kardashain features either. The Kardashains all have tan skin but Kendall and Kylie have pale skin.

  • Aly

    Kylie is sooo NOT UGLY! Just because she doesn't look like any of her sisters doesn't mean she's ugly!!!!! GROW UP!!!!!


    Kylie is beautiful, They all are beautiful!! actually they are stunning.. how can you call her ugly? she is probably 1000 times prettier then you!! you need to grow up.. jealously is a nasty disease, get well soon!

  • jjulz

    i think that that is exactly what makes kylie pretty, she is unique in the Dash/Jenner family!

  • claudialimon

    pretty girls you all and lack khloe and kourth

  • Emma

    Are you actually kidding, kylie is stunning. Just because she doesn't look like the rest of the girls doesn't make her ugly! shes a young girl... grow up people.

  • rmt1196

    i think kendall is GORGEOUS!!!! kylie isn't the prettiest person. she doesn't look like anyone in the family. kendall has all of the kardashians features. my point is that kylie is UGLY. sorry

  • Angelina

    I think that Kendall is a mini version of Khloe, both very beautiful. On the other hand, Kylie doesn't look like any one of the family members. She is the least pretty and doesn't have any features like the others. Then again isn't she only like twelves years old?

  • kgofuego

    shes prettier than kim i think

  • shanna

    she is d little kim like seriously

  • heathersnow

    Kendall is the NEW Kim! She's gorgeous! What am I talking about they ALL are!