Kendall Jenner American Cheerleader Magazine

  • Kendall Jenner American Cheerleader Magazine
Kendall Jenner's first cover for American Cheerleader Magazine.
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  • Nisah

    and she is taller than most 15 year olds..she has that modeling body..tall and skinner..Kim is a different type of model than her because Kim she much shorter and not as skinny (not calling her fat..she is just thicker)

  • FRank

    OMG very pretty u should go to bahamas some time !!!

  • klumsy

    actually ur wrong she is not a Kardashian she is a Jenner thats a big difference

  • dae14

    I actually thinks Kylie look better

  • Naomi

    what a beauty. Most beautiful that her sisters.

  • hii

    i actually think shes not that pretty at all... the only reason she gets modeling jobs is cus shes a kardashian she looks like an other average 15 year old walking down the street and if thats the best she could look with hair makeup lighting and photoshop thats not too good :/

  • carolina

    shes so pretty