Kendall Jenner Leaving The Grove

  • Kendall Jenner Leaving The Grove
Kendall Jenner leaves The Grove after an in-store signing at PacSun for Malibu Native Los Angeles on February 5, 2011.
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  • anon

    There's no cure for acne. Whenever she finds a treatment for that, she'll be richer than her whole family. I'm waiting to know what ends up working for her

  • ashley kidman
    ashley kidman

    you should find a good dermatologist with all the money you have... it is a waste.

  • Mamichula Nayton
    Mamichula Nayton

    First off, kendall's skin isn't that bad. If you see it in person it is just a couple of bumps that EVERYONE gets if yall are forgetting she is only 15!!!!!! So she is going to get acne. And you all don't even know her , so lay off.

  • Be Quiet!
    Be Quiet!

    Everyone needs to stop insulting Kendall. How do you think she feels, being on TV and in the spotlight with acne? It's embarrassing enough for any teen when they have even the slightest pimple. I know it's embarrassing for me when I get zits, and I'll be the first to admit that I get a pimple every once in a while. So whether you people insulting her decide to admit it, too, I know your skin is never perfect. Kendall's doesn't even look that bad! She's still a beautiful girl no matter what, just leave her alone.

  • Ben

    Just a typical teen problem..She's a gorgeous girl! Wonderful hair, EYES, lips. I think she's just FINE!

  • jblover1

    Shes so pretty NoHomo But her skin looks awfull she shouldnt wear to muuch make up. No Offence

  • big bad d
    big bad d

    God, this poor chick is like 15. Be nice people. Everyone has acne at that age. I know I did. She is very pretty and will grow up to be smoking hot. Mark my words.

  • beingreal

    Yeah....doesn't look good at all. They need to take off all that makeup and make her skin breath!

  • dafish11

    awhh i feel bad for her with her skin its prob all that makeup she has to put on

  • Glo

    With all her parents money and they still can't find this girl a good dermatologist.