Kendall Jenner Out in NYC

  • Kendall Jenner Out in NYC
Tuesday September 13 2011: Model Kendall Jenner is spotted returning to her apartment in NYC. Kendall's sister Kylie recently made her Fashion Week runway debut.
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  • Anastasia

    I love the kardashian girls I think they are beautiful and are just fab.....But I also think someone should show her the PETA video so she can see how a poor lil animal had to suffer for her fashion... Im not hatin I just think she might think twice next time...

  • Taylor

    It was a gift from Kim I think for her birthday what you want her to do? throw it in the trash cuz shes too young?c'mon

  • Justyn

    Love the Balenciaga bag with what I'm guessing is the Louis Keychain from last year, but it does look she is trying to hard to keep up the family reputation with the labels. She is too young to be sporting a multi-thousand dollar bag...

  • Lola

    i mean dressed up*

  • Lola

    I really like her style so casual she doesn't need to be all dessesd up with a perfect makeup and perfect hairstyle like her sisters... she's a natural beauty