Kendall Jenner: Photo Shoot for ‘FLAVOR’ Magazine

  • Kendall Jenner: Photo Shoot for ‘FLAVOR’ Magazine
Kendall Jenner shows photos from a recent photo shoot.
Source: Kendall Jenner
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  • Carrie

    She looks like just another white girl plain jane to the max whatever happened to models actually having unique facial features. Kim's hotter by far sorry little sis

  • shannon

    she looks like kim on this picture

  • jesus christ
    jesus christ

    she is the hottest Kardashian so far!! i made her in my own likeness : )

  • Just Saying...
    Just Saying...

    Jeez picking on a 14yr old here... way to make a young teen low on self confidence

  • Morgan

    All You Guyss Who Keep Talking Bout Kyliee She's a different peson From Her SHE KENDALL NOT Kylie. There Both Pretty With a Perfect Body Shapess. God Bless Them With a Wealthy Familyy . So Just Enjoy The Photoshot.. They Can Make Any Photo's With How Much money They HAVE '!

  • Aunt D-Rizzle
    Aunt D-Rizzle

    she does look like Kim. its like Wow mini me

  • Username6969

    She looks a little lke mila kunis here, in my opinion :)

  • Gia

    @ Kathy...No need to be jealous...

  • gigi1234

    she looks like kim and khloe :)

  • Claudia Elena Gomez
    Claudia Elena Gomez

    of all the Kardashian clan this girl is gonna go far in the modeling business just watch and see !

  • Saira

    She really looks gorgeous and a bit like Rachel Weisz!

  • Kristina Morales
    Kristina Morales

    She's signed by Wilhemina Modeling Agency. One of the top modeling agencies in the country.. And she's done quite a few campaigns and has walked runway. Not sure where you're getting your information but I can tell you that it's wrong.

  • Me

    She is wayyy prettier than Kim and you know it.

  • mileyismylife

    my favourite photo of Kendall ever, such a beautiful shot and she is so perfect.

  • Carmelita Promes
    Carmelita Promes

    There is no designer who is hiring them to walk on the runway of shoot a campain. You see in the shows also they get pushed by momanager. Even Robert was pushed and showed no effort to do this! Because they get so pugged out on tv now, this is going to work not that positive for their modeling carreers. Getting photo shopped and airbrushed on pictures at age of 16 is a big no no in the fashion industry! There is no Ford models or Elite who is going to touch this! In America everyone is a model, if you weigh 100 lbs of 500 lbs. That is not a defination of being a model! There us a money pusher behind this!

  • Carmelita Promes
    Carmelita Promes

    The pictures look very unnatural and has been photo shopped. This is not a negative comment for the girls, but more for the photographer. You hardly see their real faces. I see this with alot more magazine pictures. This is a typical American way of shooting pictures. When there girls goes to an international scout with pictures like that they will recieve some hardcore raw negative comments. There is no designer who will take the risk to hire them!

  • gurtie

    this one oke

  • michelle

    she's a model, it's her job to pose in pictures, so your comment makes absolutely no sense

  • Pud


  • bev1314

    Never noticed that before. She does look a bit like her here

  • a

    she looks like Beyonce at first sight

  • sandra

    she looks a whole lot like kim

  • Annya Nathaniel
    Annya Nathaniel

    she's look like more like a model now than before ..

  • kathy

    what a surprise..another kardashian pimping themselves out.

  • Belen Jimenez
    Belen Jimenez

    she's waaay much better than kylie

  • Natalie Dash
    Natalie Dash

    yeah look like kim and khloe here xo

  • abby

    she looks like kim here

  • Natalia Hodges
    Natalia Hodges

    my favv