Kendall Jenner: Photo Shoot for ‘FLAVOR’ Magazine

  • Kendall Jenner: Photo Shoot for ‘FLAVOR’ Magazine
Kendall Jenner shows photos from a recent photo shoot.
Source: Kendall Jenner
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  • Morgan

    Okay im Here Again Speaking She NOT Young To be Taking Photo's Like This She's a Model For God Sakes.! You Come On Here Writing Stuff About Her She Probleys See's This Comments And Think Why Do People HATE ME .! This is Beautiful Picture All Though its Dark ..

  • Username6969

    Wtf is up with the shadows. Horrible photographer

  • livelife

    OMG! she's not doing anything wrong she's not harming anyone doing this so stop with the stupid comments "she's too young" i know girls younger than her that are doing worst thing this is nothing trust me !

  • leera

    some ppl would think she's too young but ppl also have to remember that (1) it all comes down to choice and (2) she's a model and in this shoot she's modeling bikinis. i'm sure there's tons of teen models that model bikinis but i'm sure this one gets this much attention cuz she's a dashian/jenner. the photos are great but her face is clearly photoshopped as fuck! and that for me is the sad part cuz she's a beautiful girl and the photoshopping makes it seem as though her beauty is not good enough.

  • Shady

    These look terrible, some much editing done on them they almost look CGI.

  • mileyismylife

    she is perfection.

  • gurtie

    also bad foto

  • Katie

    Beutiful body beautiful model period.

  • alejandra

    she's so beautiful i dont think she's too young i mean she's not doing anything wrong it's just a bikini but i think its too much photoshop and it is unnecessary on her

  • Annya Nathaniel
    Annya Nathaniel

    love the bikins!!!!!

  • Jennifer Stowell Martinez
    Jennifer Stowell Martinez

    I totally agree with her being way too young for this style of photo!

  • Momofgirls

    Too young for these types of pics. Money is not everything. It seems like the kardashian/Jenner goal is to procreate and see how much they can make.