Kendall Jenner: Photo Shoot for ‘FLAVOR’ Magazine

  • Kendall Jenner: Photo Shoot for ‘FLAVOR’ Magazine
Kendall Jenner shows photos from a recent photo shoot.
Source: Kendall Jenner
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  • Laura

    some people forget that being a model they start young. Tyra Banks, Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambriosio & other supermodels started Modeling at very young ages AND they had to do the same types of jobs as Kendall does now. Modeling is different than other careers. Some people just don't understand that & think that her mom is exploiting her at a young age. KENDALL wanted to be a model & in that industry you HAVE TO start young.

  • Carrie

    Future sex tape in the making? I think so! Their mom is so horrible she uses her own children for money and fame and that's so sad and disgusting. She needs some parenting classes and a reality check.

  • Natalie

    I can't deal with this! She never gonna be truly respected as a model, her mom does everything, I mean her mom just have to do some calls and that's it, you have the job!

  • Evan Langston
    Evan Langston

    Kendall is beautiful, but I hate to see her being objectified in a swim suit shoot before she's 18. I'd love to see her being young and natural. I hope she lives a less controversial life than her sisters.

  • gurtie

    very nic e pic

  • Annya Nathaniel
    Annya Nathaniel

    toooo much photoshop!

  • F

    I like the kardashian/jenner family but these shots looks like they've been photoshopped one time too many... they should just keep it more natural because kendall is beautiful and doesn't need photoshop.