Kendall Jenner Splashes Around on the 4th of July

  • Kendall Jenner Splashes Around on the 4th of July
Kendall Jenner rocks a teal bikini as she splashes around in the Pacific Ocean with friends in Malibu on July 4, 2011.
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  • kardashiansonmydick

    i agree im 43 and would fuck the hell outa both of them if i could any guy would if he could get away with it! tight teen pussy mmm

  • justaguy

    YES! She makes me soooo hard!

  • justaguy

    she's 16 now and still yummy looking

  • justaguy

    I'm much older than 18 but I would bang her anyway. I bet she tastes yummmmmmmy

  • dave1001

    I'm with you, justaguy...Kendall is hot and there's no pretending she's not. Us guys should just enjoy jerking off over her and fantasizing about fucking her and not feel guilty about it.

  • justaguy

    I don't care how old she is....any man that says he wouldn't bang her is LYING! I would do all types of filthy things to her tight little body....kind of like I'm doing to my body right now as I look at her pics!!!!

  • justaguy

    I want her to sit on my face

  • justaguy

    I want to bend her over and bang her hard.

  • Tami

    While I admit that those two above are out of line and the 30 year old needs to be in jail now before he commits a crime, parents need to be more in control of their kids. If you let your kid dress like that you have to be able to accept the consequences.

  • Tamara

    First of all Kendall wouldn't want to have anything to do with a perverted 30 year old anyway nor would any other 15 year old have anything to do with a dirty 30 year old man. For that fact neither would a mature woman. Your rather disguisting!

  • jay

    wow. are you guys serious! shes fucking 15, you should all be ashamed of yourself! fucking perverts. and no i wouldnt bang her because im a 15 YEAR OLD GIRL.

  • Kyla Hill
    Kyla Hill

    its funny cause im 19 but i look 15 and she's like 15 or 16 but she looks likes a woman

  • guest

    you guys are disgusting.. i think she's only like 15 years old. grosssss perverts.

  • simplydiffer

    Total jail bait. She's so hot. And I can say and act out my feelings (with her consent of course) because I'm below 18.

  • Arif Niazi
    Arif Niazi

    w0w very sexy

  • Kristian Ibarra
    Kristian Ibarra

    wow she so beautiful make kim look shit