Kendall Jenner Splashes Around on the 4th of July

  • Kendall Jenner Splashes Around on the 4th of July
Kendall Jenner rocks a teal bikini as she splashes around in the Pacific Ocean with friends in Malibu on July 4, 2011.
Source: Pacific Coast News Online
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  • jammana

    he is actually a fan

  • Marisa Colon-Hernandez
    Marisa Colon-Hernandez

    She's having fun with friends, its not that serious!

  • Rene Reallist
    Rene Reallist

    No, thank you Thors 944 for displaying your ignorance to the World! People like you choose to forget that Obama is in fact HALF BLACK AND HALF WHITE, making him the perfect man to bridge the racial divide you speak of. Because ANY black in a President is too much black to you guys!! And you obviously missed a lot of school as you don't realise that America has always been one of the most racist countries in the history of the world. So Obama sure has his work cut out, but most people are confident in his abilities to bring the nation together... let's face it, Barrack has a whole-heap-a-mess to clear up from his predecessor!!

  • Sarah

    You people are saying that whites are racist, which SOME white people are. Not every single white person is. Yet, there are black people who are racist too. So, stop arguing about pointless issues. If she wants to hangout with a black guy, who cares? For all we know they are just friends. It's no ones place to judge anyone!

  • Emmyy Dee
    Emmyy Dee

    nice to see you people CANT read it says she with her friends

  • Dazzling Dalzine
    Dazzling Dalzine

    I think they both look good together...I dont think he is ugly!and neither is she

  • Jordyn

    ok i actually know Kendall. We go to the same school- Sierra Canyon and she is in a few of my classes. Really sweet and to answer your question: NO! Thats not her boyfriend. She isn't dating anyone but she has dated a few guys at school in the past

  • Nisah

    you guys dont*

  • Nisah

    Hella guyseven know him and your calling him ugly.. how are you going judge him from taking one look at him in the picture.. leave him alone and let her do what she wants. grown up

  • Courtney

    You guys are so judgemental over a picture???? You don't even know them!

  • Birdie1102

    & once everyone realizes Obama is Biracial & not just black we will be able so see past racism! He was raised by his white mother and her parents; however, his skin is tan so therefore he has to be just black!

  • biancakaterina

    is that Kendall byfriend if yes they are cute together :)

  • Jovan Alababa
    Jovan Alababa

    The bag is the blue GOYARD St. Louis GM.

  • dre

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  • Poppie

    what bag is that?

  • Brittney

    You dnt have to ask the black community nothing worry about your damn self! We dnt give a rats ass about racism.

  • Thors944

    Thank Obama, the most divisive, most racist president ever. He has had a polarizing effect on the races of this country. He is a thug, ghetto and a jihadist.... You ask why there is so much racism in this country?? Ask the Black community.

  • debbie

    the was WTF!!

  • debbie

    what difference does it make if the guy is black.. WFT.. is there still so much racisim in 2011.. get a clue

  • trey

    really you can do way better than this!!! this dude is beat!!!

  • trey

    the dude is uglyy, come on u can do wayy better then this!!

  • Reggie

    Nice to see she is continuing in the Kardashian girl tradition and hanging out with a black guy. Way to go!

  • tom

    I know she isn't wasting her time with a Doushe bag.