Kendall Jenner Splashes Around on the 4th of July

  • Kendall Jenner Splashes Around on the 4th of July
Kendall Jenner rocks a teal bikini as she splashes around in the Pacific Ocean with friends in Malibu on July 4, 2011.
Source: Pacific Coast News Online
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  • rowdha

    if she wants to model , then SHE WILL ! if u dont like her then dont look at her pics

  • Notoneofthesheep

    Yeah, she's 15....and she's TRYING to get the attention of older men, because she knows they buy the things she will get paid to endorse. So if the adults who have made comments about her are perverts, then she is just as much a pervert herself. She's a 15 year old CHILD selling her body and sexuality for fame. That's just as depraved as any pedophile.

  • livesinafairytale

    You're so racist. -_-

  • Sharon Bigham
    Sharon Bigham

    Looks like he's trying to unhook her swimsuit!

  • Hawi Aberra Wilson
    Hawi Aberra Wilson

    Yea right more like the other way round.

  • dancergurl

    she doesnt have a boyfriend.

  • Bladenlee Ray Jayden
    Bladenlee Ray Jayden

    Keep running............

  • rere

    that's her boyfriend

  • Thors944

    How fitting, an attractive woman running from a Black Man.....

  • Natalia

    omg haha it seems like that guy is some random chasing her and trying to undo her bikini