Kendall Jenner models on the beach

  • Kendall Jenner models on the beach
Kendall Jenner models on the beach.
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  • Natalia

    wow she is sexy and that comes from a girl!!

  • danielle

    you are more beautiful kloe and you

  • emmabug1234

    yeah she would i would love to make you scream in bed!

  • chloe

    I honestly think that you are a complete sicko, this girl is 14 years old, God only knows how old you are she is still a baby stop being soooo sick you will get no were in life with that sick attitude, wow its Horrible!!.. Kendel is a gorge young girl soo lovely looking, But really too young for this sort of pics at least wait untill she is 18 or 19 then it would be somewhat ok...If that was my Daughter i would not allow it..alll for the sake of money and you have wierdos coming on jerking off at the 14 year old girls pic is Horrible really is!!!!

  • stephanie

    l love watch with family l am from australia my mum love your sisters

  • help bruce
    help bruce

    How can bruce sleep at night knowing guys across the country are jacking off to pics of his daughter. Bruce you can still save kendall and kylie don't let them become kardashian sluts. It is all up to u bruce because the other girls like it an kris wont do anything.

  • hsnluvr

    I can't believe Kendall's only 14 and I'm jerking off over her pictures like

  • Mastermind

    She looks too......posed.

  • sex lover
    sex lover

    kendall you look so cute im a girl but i would love to make you scream in bed