Kendall Jenner's New Bikini Photo Shoot

  • Kendall Jenner's New Bikini Photo Shoot
Kendall Jenner's latest bikini photo shoot.
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  • Tami

    This photo looks fake, her head is a different color than her body.....She and her sisters do not appear to have any food issues. She is only 15, most girls who are tall are skinny at that age, curves usually come in a few years.

  • Lisa Langley
    Lisa Langley

    I have to agree with you Sherry. Her head and her body do not match in this photo. Am I the only one who see's it? I am not bashing at all. I think she is a beautiful girl with a very bright future.

  • Sherry Tracy
    Sherry Tracy

    She is so beautiful. But she is way to skinny. Does Bruce know how skinny she is. I would think that he would have a cow. I feel @ her age she is still growing needs to eat. She needs her sisters to help her down the right path.

  • jamielee

    @venita, you may think she looks too skinny but remember she is only 15, lots of girls dont even have curves yet. i doubt kendall is one of those models who is purposely trying to be skinny

  • Venita Kapostins-Porpora
    Venita Kapostins-Porpora

    beautiful, but this pic looks too skinny...Curves r n bones r out

  • ellie97

    love this photo your so pretty!xxx