Kendall Jenner's Sherri Hill Prom Dress Shoot

  • Kendall Jenner's Sherri Hill Prom Dress Shoot
Kendall Jenner is seen here in a photo shoot for Sherri Hill prom dresses.
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  • Beth

    why is she so famous anyway?? Because of her sisters Kardashian name!

  • beka

    why would u say such a thing she's just a kid who has emotions like every other non famous child, chill dude.

  • suzanne

    Kendall acts like a spoiled rotten brat and how could she disrespect Sherri Hill and her sister Kim by acting like she is too good or too scared to do a runway show for Ms. Hill. How many unknow, unspoiled up and coming young girls would do to have that opportunity fallen at their feet. Scared or not, I do not know one that would disrepect Ms Hill by turning her down or B at least try especially when you are getting lessons from the best.


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