Kendall Jenner's Sweet 16 Party

  • Kendall Jenner's Sweet 16 Party
Kendall Jenner's Sweet 16.
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  • KylieJenner

    seriously. get a life. its her party and she can do whatever she likes. dont sit at home on your computer complaining about how silly some of it might seem when you don't actually know her. like people said at least she had fun. its her birthday not yours. and did you not see the 200 16 year olds there? also she's close with a lot of those adults too. who are you to judge?

  • Michela

    I understand.....but she looks pretty damn happy so I'm sure she's okay with can't you just leave it alone? It's her life, she can do what she wants in it... it doesn't look like she has a drink in her hand anyways so.... what's the problem? She's happy... she's not trying to impress you, I'm afraid..

  • unknown

    i believe i saw a champane glass in someones hand in one of the pictures....

  • A

    Wow. I guess a 16 year-old girl wants women in bikini at her birthday party :)

  • km2006

    I agree! Sweet 16 parties should have your friends...not your parents friends...i feel that the way the kardashian portrays bruce...he would of probably not been to keen on having this type of party but allowed it to please kris and save them from having a fight.

  • barbi

    Actually there wasn't alcohol beacuse she and bruce didn't wanted, and you should go to parties for teenagers and notice that all the parties are like that and even worst or just see sweet 16 it's not just her its the new generation... and actually this party was pretty quiet

  • Honey

    I'm confused, is she turning 16 or 36? You've got half naked entertainment, almost all the party goers are adults and everyones drinking alcohol like its water. I don't know about ya'll but last time I checked a sweet 16 involved 16 year olds!