Kendall Jenner's Swimwear Shoot

  • Kendall Jenner's Swimwear Shoot
Kendall Jenner's White Sands Australia Swimwear shoot!
Source: White Sands Australia
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  • .Sophie.

    I think she looks FAB! xoxo

  • Selma

    bad photoshopping, she is skinny, but not that crazy skinny..

  • lala

    she looks like the #11 who just seen a ghost..damn she little

  • Nicole

    Tooo skinny, she needs a little meat on her bones. Hope she doesn't follow in kim's footsteps, but it looks like she is. I think this girl is average at best, nothing spectacular like some think. I've seen prettier girls at the mall.

  • Jordin

    If I only had those fucking legs...