Kesha in a Black Bikini in Australia

  • Kesha in a Black Bikini in Australia
Kesha flashes some flesh in a black bikini while on a break from her 'Get $leazy' tour in Adelaide, Australia on March 15, 2011.
Source: Pacific Coast News Online
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  • aakash

    yukkkkk, she is horrible .

  • itsbroooker


  • googleberry

    she looks like she's had a kid - my stomach and boobs didn't look like that til AFTER childbirth.... i think she really just needs a more flattering bikini- the bottom does nothing for her shape, it actually draws more attention to her stomach making it look bigger than it really is. and the top- good lord,it either needs to be tied up tighter so it lifts/holds her boobs up higher (where they should be!) or she just needs a different top all together. or, well, like others have said, A TOTALLY DIFFERENT BATHING SUIT!!!!! i mean, i DO get it.... she's got a crazy, "different" fashion sense,and i could see how a person could like that bathing suit and think that it looks cool... HOWEVER, once you try it on and you see it doesn't work on your body type, YOU MOVE ON!!! and try a different suit, especially when you are a celebrity and you know the pictures are going to be blasted all over the internet. i know not everyone's self-worth is tied up into how amazing they look in a swim suit,but i also know that no matter what anyone says or tries to say, EVERYONE (especially young 20ish girls) care a little bit. no one wants to be called pudgy or fat or told that they have a weird body shape.... she should have known better by this point in time.

  • dafish11

    no offense but she has kinda a werid body figure

  • Quyen Ho
    Quyen Ho

    Yuck!!!!she looks gross....Aawwfull bikini...some one needs to tell her to hit the gym.... Dont scare the fans! What are those????Granny panties????

  • Michelle Tiffany Boca
    Michelle Tiffany Boca

    totally agree!

  • Jessica Turner Smith
    Jessica Turner Smith

    That bikini isn't very flattering on her.