Kesha in a Black Bikini in Australia

  • Kesha in a Black Bikini in Australia
Kesha flashes some flesh in a black bikini while on a break from her 'Get $leazy' tour in Adelaide, Australia on March 15, 2011.
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  • Althea

    Now Tammy, nobody likes an optimist with clear and fair judgments. Please keep those to yourself. These photos were specifically compiled for us to critically judge. After all, celebrities have made themselves available to us for entertainment… and some of us with less important things to do find critiquing them to be wildly fun. Thus celebrities are to entertainment what bikinis are to judgment. We are enjoying judging while real life happens around us; please get off our cloud.

  • Tammy

    Maybe she doesn't care about how she looks, she might be just enjoying the sun on her skin, the feeling of the cool sea water & spending time with her friends, relaxing. Does it all have to revolve around the way a person looks??

  • Rose

    the bikini she has does not flatter her whatsoever! cameron diaz has a straight body but since she works out she tones to get some more curves and her bikinis are always tiny and give the illusion of more curves... someone needs to teach this one the works....

  • Cy

    I don't think it's about losing weight; she just doesn't have a woman's curvy body. She has no ass and no waste ..... she has a body like a man. Not appealing at all.

  • Katarina Beslic
    Katarina Beslic

    I don't think you saw how i look, so stfu!

  • redz

    like you can talk, you fat cow

  • Katarina Beslic
    Katarina Beslic

    Omg, she can loose a few pounds.. She looks awful