Kesha in a Black Bikini in Australia

  • Kesha in a Black Bikini in Australia
Kesha flashes some flesh in a black bikini while on a break from her 'Get $leazy' tour in Adelaide, Australia on March 15, 2011.
Source: Pacific Coast News Online
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    what is wrong with you people? Did you see the picture?

  • Mat

    She s too beautiful.I love her,she s the best girl I ve ever seen!

  • Estefania Castillo Valdez
    Estefania Castillo Valdez

    I was about to say the same, even if she gained some weight she doesn´t seems to have cellulite at all.

  • googleberry

    oh please, allison... that's the most ridiculous thing in the world to say.......... who cares about who has "cottage cheese legs" even the skinniest of skinny people can have cellulite-having cellulite has more to do with heredity than anything else... in fact, i'd say about 90% of all women have cellulite somewhere on their bodies, so whooptidoo! "like, omg!!! she has cellulite!!! she shouldn't even LEAVE THE HOUSE!!!! what was she thinking?!?!? ew,she is just so, like, gross!!!" get a grip, everyone has cellulite somewhere- or WILL have cellulite in the future. it's normal. there's nothing you can do about it.... not only that, BUT I DON"T EVEN SEE ANY CELLULITE IN THIS PICTURE!!!! what an idiot

  • Allison

    cottage cheese legs?