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  • Adnan

    Hee,I always thohgut you were beautiful and cute, but right now I see that you aren't. I am from the Netherlands and I love Doutzen a lot more than you. You haven't got any potential to be a model I think. You want it so bad. You struggled a lot and now you are at the top. But I think that you are FAKE MODEL!Sfcmeyye

  • whatzup

    God this thing is just so disgusting. She has no talent and she's fucking got the body of a 50 year old woman. How the hell did she get famous? I know. It's because nobody knows real talent anymore. When lady gaga is the best out there then you know you've hit rock bottom. Google kesha in a bathing suit. It's fucking gross. You'll want to claw your eyes out believe me.