Khloe Kardashian's Pictures From Mavs. vs. Lakers Game

  • Khloe Kardashian's Pictures From Mavs. vs. Lakers Game
The whole family came out to support Lamar Odom during his return to Los Angeles
Source: Khloe Kardashian
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  • Ronit Chotlani
    Ronit Chotlani

    two beauties..of jener family

  • sara

    kylie and kendall are good girls they have grown up with money .. so a lot of people do . your a grown ass woman with no life that has to pic on teen girl's u really must have no life

  • Cata Andrews
    Cata Andrews

    Kylie and Kendall Are beautiful ♥

  • Angela Alvarez
    Angela Alvarez

    kylie is like holly madison!! i love your red lips

  • Sinia

    Pretty girls (: Just like their big sisters (:

  • Clarissa

    Gorgeous girls.

  • justina nelson
    justina nelson

    wow... they are so pretty..... ppl that say there skanks need to get a life... your just jealous!

  • Danielle Kessel
    Danielle Kessel

    WOW tiffany elliot seems your the only skanky dumb bitch on this page. I think its humorous you think your opinion even matters. Low life loser. haha.

  • Ella

    This is so gorgeous of both of them! Jealous!

  • Ella

    why so rude? They're beautiful and have a great life, why do you feel the need to call them those rude names?

  • Ashley Peterson
    Ashley Peterson

    who are u to judge?

  • shut up
    shut up

    WTF get a life!

  • Tiffany Elliott
    Tiffany Elliott

    these young bitches will grow up to be nasty skanky ass bitches like kim

  • Kardashian Nation
    Kardashian Nation

    Awwww!! I love this pic! sooo beautiful! love those red lips on Kylie! XO