Bride-to-be Khloe Kardashian flashes her new

  • Bride-to-be Khloe Kardashian flashes her new
Bride-to-be Khloe Kardashian flashes her new engagement ring as she leaves her bachelorette party on September 24, 2009. Her sisters Kim and Kourtney and pal Britney Gastineau were also seen leaving the Viceroy Santa Monica Beach Hotel. Khloe is marrying LA Lakers forward Lamar Odom on Sunday after a whirlwind romance. Even after the engagement was announced last week, Khloe was still not wearing her rumoured 9-carat diamond engagement ring, so we're pleased to see she has it on now! A whip could be seen in the back seat of the car!
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  • lily

    people in america are generally so ignorant and what if two people of different races are in love....

  • jessica

    im sorry to say but i think kloe is to good for lamar but as long as man treats a woman good thats all that matters and i hope you guys make it god bless.

  • Ashlyn

    Why r so many ppl so negative 1st the racial angle is so ignorant 2. ppl change we know nothing about khloe and Lamar if they r in love so be it. I'm a black female and meet an athlete that I felt I was in love with the minute I meet him things ended because of the 15 yr age difference and a false cancer scar that helped me understand his issue with our age difference but we are still great friends, he is my mentor,confidant and I'll never stop loving him. And for the record this Mandingo issue is stupid I never dated a man with small privates but the white attorney I dated right out of college was hung like a horse,as a rule I am more attracted to black males but understand lots of white men pack heat, and if a lot of the black women thatt don't own a business or have a college degree or a professional job would stop thinking their nice booty is going to pull a man and realize men like nice bodies,faces etc.. but they also like women who have something going for themselves,not stuck up and a women they can have fun with. Maybe if some women stop snapping their necks and treat their man like a king you wouldn't have to worry about women of other races or cheating. Before you say a good black man is hard to find check and see if you are a good black women. You don't have to know someone a 1,000 yrs for a relationship to work. And if this is a switch a roo to give her sister a more private wedding thumbs up that's true sister love I lost my 23 yr sister old 9 months ago I sure wish I had her in my life instead of just in my heart :-(