9 I love Lamar s

  • 9  I love Lamar s
9. I love Lamar's soul. He is genuinely such a sweet amazing person.  Through his life of ups and downs and such huge accomplishments, he still manages to be the kindest and most generous person I've ever known. Being around someone like this only makes you a better person.
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  • Darlene

    I won't go all goo-goo about the whole family but they are amazingly smart business women....All the girls got that from Mom Everyone always talking about Kim Khloe and Kourt! but the real star is "Mom" Lidsey Lohan mother wish she had what Kris has now......And Kris looks good! after having six kids and still looks good You go too Kris!

  • Maureen Gartside
    Maureen Gartside

    I just love your whole family. They are so real!! Look forward to watching your show every Sunday!