Kids’ Choice Awards Worst Dressed

  • Kids’ Choice Awards Worst Dressed
Lance Robertson: A traffic cone, in human form.
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  • Stanka Saskyova
    Stanka Saskyova

    WTF ????

  • Allison

    Obviously you meant to put this one in the BEST Dressed section

  • rumbleroar

    agree with pretty much all of the comments, yo gabba gabba is an frickin awesome kids show.

  • sheryl1996

    haha.. love this style

  • lin1

    wht do u mean worst dressed?? he is yo gabagaba!!! thats how he is suppossed to dress! would u like to see sportagus in a tux??? of cousre not! they have to dress like in the shoW!

  • missguydead

    WOW! Celebuzz, for people who are so hip to current times, way to walk into 2010 clueless! This IS DJ LANCE ROCK! You need to recognize, he is an icon to children EVERYWHERE!

  • HPFangirl71

    I agree... lighten up Celebuzz... this is his character he plays and my little ones adore that show even if we adults dont quite get it!!

  • Rose

    He looks fine you idiots. He is dress as YO GABBA GABBA for the kids, not for the fashion statement. Get your facts straight, the kids love this character.