Kids’ Choice Awards Worst Dressed

  • Kids’ Choice Awards Worst Dressed
Tyra Banks: Yes, we asked for color, but there is such thing as too much color, Tyra.
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  • Sarah

    Omg that's Tyra, The only thing wrong with this outfit is the shoes, pointy toes have come and gone!

  • Stanka Saskyova
    Stanka Saskyova

    She looks ugly !!!! This is just not working for her ....

  • ida

    what happened to her face ???? the dress is ok=)) we r on d same page,,she looks as if she did her makeup in d dark!!!!!!!!

  • lashchelle09

    its nothin wrong with what she wearing.

  • mikaila

    what happened to her face ???? the dress is ok=))

  • rumbleroar

    more of a bad picture than a bad dress...

  • K-REXX

    sorry this is awful! her face looks alien!

  • fashion

    are you kidding us celebuzz? OH COME ON! nikki's outfit is must be worst and you said it best and demi tyra katy looks good you said worst! what the heck is wrong with ya?!

  • FashionGhost

    omg tyra like wth are you kidding defenitly buy a mirror or get a new stylist !

  • jblover

    wat the heack is wrong with you guys?!?!? none of theese people had anything wrong with their outfits except for the school girls. tyra looks FABULOUS! and so did Demi and Katy.