Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries' Honeymoon Pictures

  • Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries' Honeymoon Pictures
Kim Kardashian and husband Kris Humphries relax in Italy on their romantic honeymoon.
Source: Splash News
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  • dannyboooooo!!!!!

    r u gay or somethig

  • dannyboooooo!!!!!

    she makes shure her man eat

  • Joseph the stupid one
    Joseph the stupid one

    Retarded fans like you will always exist just to kiss her big fat ass... one day she will probably pass you in the street and dind't even look at you fugly face moron!

  • kardashianlover123

    wow great pic

  • Joseph

    Why is it bullshit, they're people to & are probably happier than your miserable ass ever will be.

  • Kelll

    o the NERVE

  • Anon

    It's a pear,he's biting a pear

  • Nicole

    Ummm, who took these pics, surely not E! ? And she had the nerve to complain about the paps following her on her honeymoon.

  • courtneybaaaby

    i think its a lemon? hahahaha

  • angel2317

    hahahhahahaha i couldn't decide what to comment your's described what i wanted to say hahah seriously who likes this money addict some sell their bodies, she has sold her life I'm not hating. i'm just saying what is true

  • wake up!!!!
    wake up!!!!

    Kim: Look how natural we act, we didn't even notice the cameras there Retarded fans: wooow they're so in love how cute *.* Realistic preson: Bullshit

  • cjtailan

    so sexy! i see the love!

  • Amanda Chiu
    Amanda Chiu

    Whys he sucking on a rubber ducky?