Kim Kardashian as Poison Ivy

  • Kim Kardashian as Poison Ivy
Kim Kardashian shows off her bad girl side for Halloween
Source: Kim Kardashian
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  • Heather Glosser
    Heather Glosser

    i want the outfit!!! i would rock that shit!

  • audrinaa

    if your over her, why did you click on the artical? dumbass.

  • Christa Jo
    Christa Jo

    Beautiful as always!!

  • natttt

    you look amazing kim!!

  • Womp womp Womp
    Womp womp Womp

    she'd look better covered in poison ivy rather than trying to pull off such a classic comic character look so poorly... but I guess $$$ doesn't give one a brain or fashion sense, just the illusion

  • miss.rouso

    love the costume. you look beautiful!

  • Nacho Sanchez
    Nacho Sanchez

    love the costume kim! <3 HARLEY

  • Nora

    I think she looks amazing! :)

  • ohoohoh

    its a free country and if i dont like her i can do whatever i want. if you have a problem deal with it, because its never going to change

  • Michelle Smith
    Michelle Smith

    love it kim...

  • alexandraxdd

    I feel like she should go for more classy looks. This costume is too tight and it's not really cute..

  • Coco

    if you are over her then don't click on the article and don't comment on her pics you are in control not her, she's living her life!She looks gorgeous as always,love the red hair too.

  • Delilah E Perez
    Delilah E Perez

    so over her!! im tired of hearing about her like everyday or seeing her somewhere either on tv or fb ugghhh