Kim Kardashian at the 62nd Annual

  • Kim Kardashian at the 62nd Annual
Kim Kardashian at the 62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards held at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on August 29, 2010 in Los Angeles, California.
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  • annabannana56

    What is she doing here?

  • Syb x
    Syb x

    This is not one of the 3 dresses she posted on fb and twitter! I loved the long white one..that was better than this one! but she looks great!

  • fatim senegal africa
    fatim senegal africa

    vraiment sublime ! ! ! vous etes fabuleuse kimi !!! je vous aime !!!

  • Jenn

    She looks pretty enough at first glance, but upon closer inspection this look is really quite BUSY. She has a lot of look going on, particularly around her head...the dress bodice does something weird and asemmetrical to her bustline, making them look almost pointy, and the gaudy neckline draws attention AWAY from her face ...I really wish she had gone a bit farther with the greek-inspired look and wore her locks loose and flowing, with some pieces braided around her crown, a-la Aphrodite; the tight up-do is really quite severe and doesnt fall in line with the rest of the look . I do like the color on her and her makeup is very elegant but not overpowering... Kim's a very pretty girl, I just wish she had a better stylist.

  • amy.v.p

    I knew you would choose something stunning to wear, you never go wrong, just love it, you look like a

  • Noks

    Kim u r the most stunning woman i have seen. This dress is gorgeous and you pulled it girl! lovely! u also gave me an idea for my ceremony dress..... wish i could get a cheaper version of this dress! lovely!

  • Meera

    Lookin like Cleopatra in this dress.. just beautiful!

  • veronicah

    absolute perfection! kim is indeed the true defination of the following words: cute, sexy, hot, fantabolous, and beautiful. WOW!

  • Pauline Willatt
    Pauline Willatt

    No doubt about that she is absolutely drop dead gorgeous....i love watching you guys, do not skip one show.....

  • Gigi

    Just plain gorgeous ! absolutely stunning Kimmie :) you definately looked like a Greek Goddess, very unique, no celeb have i ever seen wear or dress like this on the red carpet you brought it to life . Congratulations! Love you Kim & your Family xox