Kim Kardashian Attends 2012 Golden Globe Awards After Parties

  • Kim Kardashian Attends 2012 Golden Globe Awards After Parties
Kim Kardashian arrives at 13th Annual Warner Bros. And InStyle Golden Globe Awards after party as well as the Weinstein Company's after party at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 15, 2012.
Kim Kardashian Attends 2012 Golden Globe Awards After Parties
Source: Getty Images
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  • newyork1234

    Funny. You dont like her, but a "107" (likes) of you made it here to browse through her pictures. how interesting!

  • newyork1234

    People need to just CHILL out about Kim. I am not a big K fan but I adore them. Everyone on every post seems to be attacking her all the time. Its her life people, we are no one to judge her. leave her alone. just enjoy her fashion if not stop taking the precious 5 mins to find her on this page. HATERS!

  • E

    KOZ - She said relise, not realise...

  • J

    Gorgeous! Kim knows how to put herself together. Dress is sexy yet elegant, incredible jewelry, hair is up without looking like a prom-do and her skin is flawless with NO TATTOOS!

  • tinystar

    Absolutely gorgeous!!!!!

  • tinystar

    You look stunning Kim!

  • KOZ

    Actually 'realise' is correct - it's British English. Which most English speaking countries (in the Commonwealth) follow. Most American English spellings follow Noah Webster's An American Dictionary of the English Language (1828). There are lots of differences between the two different English spellings ... and all are correct! e.g. colour - color, centre - center, organise - organize, analyse - analyze, orthopaedic - orthopedic ... Most non-Americans know all this, sadly though, most Americans don't ... I wonder why ... lol!

  • Alexa

    umm before u call someone an idiot, you should probably learn how to spell...... seriously. just fyi, it's *realize, not relise.

  • Kristin Schumbacker Gilbert
    Kristin Schumbacker Gilbert

    She looks stunning head to toe!

  • Chantelle

    OK, for fuck sake, u need to get a grip! She may not be an actress or a singer, but she a model u idiot! If u had half a brain u would relise that!

  • nichelle

    trying to be a kiss ass to the hollywood elite

  • Kevin

    Why was this no talent bitch even there?