Kim Kardashian Bikini Tips: Go Bikini Shopping With Your Friends!

  • Kim Kardashian Bikini Tips: Go Bikini Shopping With Your Friends!
Make bikini shopping fun by taking a couple of your best girl friends with you.
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  • Carl Robbins
    Carl Robbins

    Give it up "She's nothing special"? I can't stand any of these reality shows or the people on them but I won't deny this girl has got an unbelievable boda'y!!!!! I myself like her pics when she's about 16 lbs lighter but hey I wouldn't order outta bed!!!!!

  • nicky

    live her alone loser

  • nicky

    ha ha well, listen her kim is beautiful business woman live with it live her alone butt face

  • nicky

    jealous loser loser loser live her alone get are life

  • Jojo


  • rs100

    Actually, she's an awful role model unless you want to raise morally bankrupt children. All she cares about is looks, fame, and money. She is too young to have had all the procedures she has had, and promotes nothing but superficiality. Her engagement ring and wedding were more important than her marriage. Business woman? Haha...Pretty tough when you have a wealthy family and advisors.

  • rs100

    I'm sorry but her body isn't anything special. In fact, it isn't even good. The fat transfer she had from her waist, flanks, and hips to her butt is way overdone and looks ridiculous. Her legs aren't well shaped, and she has kankles. Anyone can buy fake boobs, and at least 3 million women have, so no points there either.

  • ga8625

    I wouldn't say I'm a Kardashian fan, but I'd rather have my young girls have Kim for a role model than the majority of the Hollywood emaciated rehab wrecks. Kim provides an example that you don't have to be bone-thin to be gorgeous. Its ok to have some meat on your bones. She's also a great business woman, and very close to her family. Best of all, she doesn't drink or do drugs. Can't say the same for her sisters, but Kim is ok in my book!

  • osity

    heheh yeah E you're so insecure! GAL..get a life!

  • Kimberly Marques
    Kimberly Marques

    E.... your eye sight is off.... jealous.

  • E

    Why is everyone obsessed with her body? If we had her money to spend on plastic surgery, we'd all look like that! She's nothing special!!

  • Adrian Charles Steele
    Adrian Charles Steele

    Wow Kim..!! You have the most amazing body I've ever seen..... Just stunning...