Kim Kardashian Bikinis in Miami

  • Kim Kardashian Bikinis in Miami
Kim Kardashian dons a colorful bikini in Miami on July 21, 2012 with friend Jonathan Cheban (not pictured).
Source: Splash News Online
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  • Yakii

    Indeed. Something tells me if FOX/NewsCorp had corporate syrgney going with this show (no way this would look right on FX either) it would have not premiered Tony night. Sundays at 9 are also pretty suspect times for a cable reality show in general.The show is re-airing on a loop daily. I caught it and actually love it but am apprehensive on who is chosen (like how will the person will fit and how will Ryan Murphy ruin it all in the end). The cast is pretty talented, it is well-established that the regular cast is on a constant, rigorous schedule so don't expect a picnic, and there were some adorable moments that reminded me of the shows earlier roots. And believe me, just seeing the elimination a sucky performer on Glee has been something of a dream (looking at you, Corey Monteith).

  • Andrew Bolkonskii
    Andrew Bolkonskii

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  • mileyismylife

    wow, her figure is amazing.

  • Mohd Zeeshan
    Mohd Zeeshan

    its very hot shot................

  • Rana Sinha
    Rana Sinha


  • Manni A Ost
    Manni A Ost

    <3 <3 <3 lov u