Kim Kardashian Bikinis in Miami

  • Kim Kardashian Bikinis in Miami
Kim Kardashian shows off her amazing curves while vacationing in Miami with friend Jonathan Cheban in February 2012.
Source: Splash News Online
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  • j0eschm0e

    her butt is huge. it would look lots better if she ran the tread mill every other day. fat is not pretty. and what this stuff about implants? if she has butt implants then thats just gross

  • lanalane

    wheeeew.... Respect each other's opinion.... She was blessed for having a good life than us.... she can do whatever she wants... that's her life...

  • Kelly Thomas
    Kelly Thomas


  • Anon Young Woman
    Anon Young Woman

    Why do women hate on other women's bodies so much? It's got to f**** stop.

  • Trish

    It's that she keeps lying about it to her fans.

  • lacream

    And may I aDd dis I really don't gv a rat ass if its fake or real

  • lacream

    And may I aDd dis I really don't gv a rat ass if its fake

  • lacream

    Can I get this straight is it so unbelievable for a woman's butt to be pronounce and curvy without the aid of surgery. Haters should be hung .and as for u winda you a fool how is her boobs suppose to be the same as it was when she was 18 ever heared of the world growth. Dammit ppl put your hate where your talent is. And maybe someday you'll be fortunate to have a hater too. Dicks and biaatches

  • Giselle

    All I can say is she can afford!!! Yeah! :-)

  • Giselle

    They hate it coz they're insecure. I dont get the fact that people hate Kim and still say shitty things about her. So what if She had a butt job?

  • Giselle

    I had butt obviously she had it done too...

  • Caleb


  • tav

    is everyone on here hating on kim a size 2? shes a curvy thick girl that gives other curvy girls out there confidence

  • justaguy

    I personally find Kim's ass to be disgusting, fat, saggy, gross, nasty,......I could go on, but I think you get the point.

  • limpd

    Uh, not a fan of her juicey butt, however, compared to the skinny girls, I like the more round look. Never realized how nasty skinniness is in a bikini. That being said, who wears full face paint to the pool? Really Kim?

  • Stephanie Jonathan
    Stephanie Jonathan

    quite! must have offended u there, sorry about that

  • Ella

    Tia, i wrote the whole paragraph because i saw how erica was just being plain rude to strangers all over 'kim kardashian' i actually watch all the kardashian shows and love the family, especially khloe, kourt and kylie so i'm hardly a 'hater' i never said i even was! i was just making a point in how, kim is completely fake, she just doesn't want to admit it and people should stop sticking up for her so violently because she really doesn't care about you!

  • Manny

    Voluptuous women like Kim are amazing and slim women like Kristen are to even though Most men prefer women like Kim if you have something negative to say about Kim its obvious there is some jealousy towards her she may be a slut but she is a sexy one so just leave her sexy ass alone and head to the gym lol

  • Chiedu

    i think her butt's hungry... cause its eating her bottoms ^_^

  • Winda

    OMG you ar so damn right I agree with you! Just look at the firs season of kuwtk she looks sooooooo different + like Yanna and Lis said before on this page, It's just liposuction, her ass is all fat that first was in her tummy + her hair line looks zo different + her breast OMG I saw a photo of her when she was like 18 or something? It was like she had a A cup. And now she has a E??? And in all interviews she said that she had a C since she was 13??? Look at Khloe, she has more fat than Kim but she has a C. How can Kim naturally have a E cup? People just need to think. That botox made her face so fake. And all the money she spends on jewels is just crazy. People are hungry and she is buying for every red carpet diamonds. She had done every thing to be famous, now she got it and she loves it. And for the die hard KK lovers, I'm not a hater! I just want to give ya'll a advice: First love your familie, then love this familie.

  • boohoo

    Kristen is fucking SEXAYYYYY :)

  • Tia

    She didn't look ugly in the first season. She also admitted to getting plastic surgery. The only hater here is you. You wrote a whole paragraph about someone you don't like. The only one that needs to get a life is you honey. If you hate her so much, then why are you commenting?

  • Ella

    Erica, kim doesn't give a shit about you. she probably doesn't even know you exist, so why are you abusing so many people who you don't know on here and calling them a 'hater'? it's pathetic and sad! and yeah, kim will look better because she earns money by pointless things like sitting in expensive hotels and moaning. she can afford to look perfect. have you seen her in the first series of kuwtk? she looks completely different and UGLY. she's had so much done, her ass, her nose and with the botox it's ridiculous. and actually, if you look at photos of kim with a short dress on and these photos, her thighs are clearly so much thinner and her stomach is alot more defined! and she's had liposuction, they took fat from her stomach and put it in her bum, so on an x ray it wouldn't show up. even the guy who was doing it said 'this is all fat'. so instead of calling other people 'haters' (which is really, really sad.) go get a life and stop defending someone who doesn't give two shits about you!

  • me.

    @sandra everyones a critic. she has a right to express her own opinion.. as do you.. but youre no better than anyone else on here hating on kim k because youre hating on themmm js

  • Kesha

    Wait a sec... are the brazilian but implants made of fatt? Well then nobody can see the implants on a X-ray!!!! Don't ya'll think?

  • annie

    noha its righ!! she has fat en her ass... that is called brazilian's ass.. its the most popular cirurgy in brasil...

  • KFR

    I totally agree twilight_lover :) Kristen is way more cute than Kim. Its because Kristen is a NATURAL BEAUTY :D

  • twilight_lover

    if kristen she is skinny doesn't mean she can't be like a woman! and btw kristen and kim are totally different from each other as i said before so why compare them together?! what a fucked up mentality!

  • kylie

    hmmm maybe after ten years and she is Kims age then she will get work done. Kristen is a small boy. literally. Kim is woman

  • Erica Castillo
    Erica Castillo

    wow Daliyah ur a HATER!!!!!!!! KIM WILL ALWAYS LOOK BETTER THAN U

  • Sandra

    Diane, Kim is prettier than you.

  • Sandra

    Do men find you attractive?

  • Yanna

    No, I think liposuction: Tummy fat in the butt.

  • eddie0

    I'd pound on it for a couple of hours ... wouldn't take this HO home to mama though ..

  • Diane Rowan-Chan
    Diane Rowan-Chan

    her ass is disgusting.

  • Daliyah Aban
    Daliyah Aban

    She looks crazy! Look at her fake face!!! This photo is photoshoped btw all her bikini beach pics are photoshoped! They made her butt smoother and thighs smoother!

  • twilight_lover

    haha i do not have kristen's figure! and who mentioned kristen? why did she end up here? i mean she is a very beautiful girl but she has nothin to do with kim! the difference is this fat bitch is all botox and implants blah blah blah and kristen is a natural beauty with no fake stuff and nasal voice like kimmy

  • Stephanie Jonathan
    Stephanie Jonathan

    do men honestly find that attractive? :/

  • kylie

    whatever twilight lover, u can go and be like kristen all skinny pale bean pole. coz that is SO sexy to have boy figure

  • twilight_lover

    now that is not sexy! that is called a fat ass sorry but true-my opinion

  • Noah

    She definitely has butt implants. Good work.