Kim Kardashian Bikinis in Miami

  • Kim Kardashian Bikinis in Miami
Kim Kardashian shows off her amazing curves while vacationing in Miami with friend Jonathan Cheban in February 2012.
Source: Splash News Online
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  • Lis

    I agree, look at the tummy + her ex said that she had done liposuction.

  • glinda fox willis
    glinda fox willis

    Leave her alone - she is beautiful!!!!!! Middle age creeps up on us so fast let her enjoy her youth and beauty without idiot comments!

  • Fapster


  • Jim Davis
    Jim Davis

    And that body has had plenty of banging going on. Nothing like placing the skeletons in your closet up on video for the world to see. Considering that is about the only way she can actually earn money (and not have Daddy's handed to her) she is nothing more than a porn star, and not a very good one at that...

  • S

    Whatever you might think about her, you gotta admit she has a banging body!

  • james

    shes the best thing that exists on this earth

  • Devany

    Faaaab !

  • Yanna

    deff liposuction