Kim Kardashian Bikinis in Miami

  • Kim Kardashian Bikinis in Miami
Kim Kardashian shows off her amazing curves while vacationing in Miami with friend Jonathan Cheban in February 2012.
Source: Splash News Online
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  • Giselle

    am sure she is a way better than your looks...:-)

  • Camisha Douglas
    Camisha Douglas

    yall are a bunch of HATERS get off kims ass..literally.lmao

  • Wreaths Galore
    Wreaths Galore

    Sick of this family. Are media being paid to constantly show her in bikinis? Wish they would stop panhandling her and family....It is over.

  • me.

    nothing. i'm short too. her legs just seem a little stubby, no offense to her, because she's worked hard to look like she does n all

  • me2

    whats wrong with short? not everyone is 5'9" ... i love her because she is shorter than your average celebrity...nice to have some diversity in the celebrity world

  • me.

    her legs are a little short.. she's got a great bod though..

  • Tia

    Why you mad though? Cause she's cute and you're not?

  • Guest

    She's a COW....she needs to just go away. Her 15 min. are up!

  • Erica Castillo
    Erica Castillo

    Daliyah u look like big bird go do something with ur hair

  • Tina

    She is gorgeous. Go comb your hair. It's looking rough.

  • Daliyah Aban
    Daliyah Aban

    OMG her face!! It looks so fake! WTF she used to be pretty! Stomatch is soo photoshoped!