Kim Kardashian Birthday: Family Photos

  • Kim Kardashian Birthday: Family Photos
Kim Kardashian's family celebrates her 32nd birthday on Oct. 21, 2012 with personal snaps from the Kardashian-Jenner collection.
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  • mickshelle15

    You should really stop trying to be a hater. In all the time it took you to write up your post, you could have taken a class to learn how to treat others. Words are just as hurtful as stones. Do you really think the Kardashians actually sit down and read your negative comments? Uhm...Nope!

  • alexa

    did i mention atleast Khloe is married and she shows respect for her family and others..Kourtney had a family and respectfull and the rest of your sibs seem to be respectfull but you kimmy and your brother isnt a loser you are

  • alexa

    Hi just some advice Kim Kardashian you can really not care now what i say or believe it but i bet one day you will care Usually by 32 a woman would be married I know your not married or can stay married beacuse ur a self centered person and ur getting old no one will care about you soon one day bc ur getting old and your gonna be even older and your looks will fade and theres gonna be a really hot young female coming along and your gonna not be cared about so u should start showing ur family respect bc in the end thats all ull have if you stop being selfish maybe u wont be alone

  • Débora Barbosa
    Débora Barbosa